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Geoffrey Smith
Lifetime Achievement Award

Description: The PHS periodically bestows the Lifetime Achievement Award. The prize is awarded to a PHS member who has contributed outstanding scholarship and exemplary service to PHS and to peace history. The prize is awarded in those years in which a PHS conference is held.

Eligibility: Any PHS member is eligible for the award.

Criteria: Longevity and consistency of commitment will serve as key considerations in evaluating candidates for the award. In addition to exemplary scholarship, the committee responsible for choosing a recipient will assess nominees’ overall promotion of PHS goals through educational initiatives, significant participation in PHS and its functions, and active service in the cause of peace. Committee members should keep in mind the decisive contribution made by women throughout the history of the PHS and the society’s traditional commitment to gender equity as they make their decisions from year to year.

Nomination & Selection: A Lifetime Achievement Award Committee chosen from volunteers by the president will organize the nomination process and deliberate in choosing a recipient. Calls for nominations will go out at the same time as those for the other awards conferred at PHS conferences. Nomination forms will be available on the PHS web site and should invite nominators to state specifically and in detail how the nominee exemplifies the stated criteria. Nominations go directly to the committee chair, who shares them with the other committee members. The committee should make its decision at least four months before the date of the award ceremony.

Speech/Article: Although a recipient will not be required to deliver a speech at the award ceremony or to provide an article to be published in Peace & Change, either or both options are welcomed and encouraged. In some cases, the recipient or the Lifetime Achievement Award Committee may choose a previously published article or speech to appear in the issue of Peace & Change comprising PHS conference papers.

Award Ceremony: The award ceremony takes place at the PHS conference, where the recipient will be given a plaque alongside recipients of the other PHS awards. The PHS president and the chair of the Lifetime Achievement Award Committee present the plaque to the recipient. The recipient or the PHS president may designate a colleague close to the recipient to participate in the award ceremony by providing an introduction. In other cases, the committee chair may provide introductory remarks for the recipient.

Costs: PHS will waive the recipient’s conference registration fee.
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