PHS Members and friends at The Hague

May 1999

PHSers on Prinsegeracht Street, den Haag, in front of original premises of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (left to right: Rosemarien Braker, Ralph Uhlig, Larry Wittner, Charles Chatfield, Sandi Cooper, Blanche Cook, Frances Early, and Marie Hammond-Callaghan)
PHSers dining at den Haag on the final day of the PHS HAP Symposium (left to right: Blanche Cook, Claire Coss, Frances Early, Joe Fahey, Charles Chatfield, Larry Wittner, and Madeline Gilchrist) New PHS members entertain banquet participants with a Japanese folk tune (left to right: Atsushi Fujioka, Yuhei Nishimori, and Kazuyo Yamane)

Carolyn Nordstrom and Charles Chatfield, PHS banquet, HAP Symposium, 13 May 1999 PHS Symposium Program Co-chair Peter van den Dungen

PHSers chatting in lobby of the Parkhotel den Haag after one of the symposium sessions (left to right: Kazuyo Yamane, Jennifer Davy, Frances Early, and Grant Dawson) Anne Kjelling and Frances Early

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