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Harriot Hyman AlonsoLifetime Achievement Award of Peace History Society
Awarded October 2017

In 2005, Peace History Society set up the Lifetime Achievement Award to be presented every other year to a PHS member who has contributed outstanding scholarship and exemplary service to peace history. The recipients of the award have been: Charles Chatfield (1934-2015) in 2007: Sandi Cooper in 2009: Lawrence Wittner in 2011; Berenice Carroll in 2013; and Geoffrey S. Smith in 2015. The 2017 winner is Harriet Hyman Alonso.

The winner of this this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award is Harriet Hyman Alonso. Harriet, who has been Professor Emerita at The City College of New York since 2015, is a person whose scholarship has wide range and impact. She was a pioneer in the field of women’s peace history, a field that in turn has had significant effects on peace scholarship generally.

Her first book was The Women’s Peace Union and the Outlawry of War, 1921-1942; her second book has been especially influential, Peace as A Women's Issue: A History of the U.S. Movement for World Peace and Women’s Rights, published by Syracuse University Press in 1993. She has also published books about the children of abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison, playwright Robert Sherwood and the use of theater for peace, and lyricist and activist Yip Harburg. Her first children’s novel, Martha and the Slavecatchers, will be out in a few weeks. Harriet also served as co-editor of the Syracuse University Press series on peace and conflict resolution, a series in which many PHS members have published.

Over the years she made a number of contributions to the Peace History Society, serving a term as vice president in the 1990s, on the PHS board for many years, and on several prize committees. In addition, she guest-edited two issues of Peace & Change, one on Jane Addams, one on educating for peace and social justice.

Finally, she has made many other contributions to the broader field of peace history, mentoring a number of colleagues, helping to organize several conferences, including serving as co-chair for an international conference on peace and war issues focusing on gender, race, and ethnicity in historical perspective, and curating a recent exhibit of WILPF documents at the New York Public Library (2015). She continues to serve as Honorary advisor to the Swarthmore College Peace collection and on the Board of Editors for the Women and Social Movements in the United States website.

Thanks, Harriet, for all you have given to the profession and to many of us personally.

Robbie Lieberman
Scott Bennett
Leilah Danielson
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