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Conference information (pdf) | Registration (pdf) | Program | Call for Papers

Peace History Society Conference
“Envisioning Peace, Performing Justice:
Art, Activism, and the Cultural Politics of Peacemaking”
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
October 24-26, 2013

Program Schedule

Thursday, October 24:

7-9 p.m. Conference Registration Morris Library Rotunda

6-8 p.m. PHS Executive Board Meeting Heritage Room, Morris Library

8-9:15 p.m. Opening Reception--open to the public Morris Library Rotunda
Poetry reading and Music

Friday, October 25:

8-9 a.m. Continental Breakfast Morris Library Rotunda

Conference Registration

8:30-9 a.m. Welcome--RL and Deans of Liberal Arts, MCMA Guyon Auditorium

9:15-10:45 SESSION ONE

Guyon Auditorium Panel: "Power, Performance, and the American War in Vietnam"

“Performance as Politics: Vietnam Veterans Against the War and the Political Potentials of Guerrilla Theater”
Ryan Kirkby, University of Waterloo

“‘Participatory Drama’: The New Left, the Vietnam War, and the Emergence of Performance Studies”
Christina LaRocco, University of Maryland, College Park,

“F--The Army: Imperial Virility and Gendered Dissent in the American/Vietnam War”
Martin Smith, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

* Comment & Chair: Suzanne Daughton, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Museum Auditorium Panel: Youth, Popular Culture, and Envisioned Futures for Peace

“Cartoonists on the Theme of War Toys: An Illustrated History of Resistance”
Rachel Waltner Goossen, Washburn University

“‘Balancing the Picture’: Arts-based Youth Outreach in the Counter-recruitment Movement”
Seth Kershner, Independent Scholar and Scott Harding, University of Connecticut

Social Media and Celebrity Culture
Jo Ann Oravec, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

*Comment: Arielle Semmel, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

**Chair: Patrick Dilley, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

480 Morris Library Panel: Acting and Enacting Civil Rights in the United States, 1952-1985

“Once More, Before Thy Thunders Speak! The Performance of John Brown’s Body as a Prelude to the Civil Rights Era”
David Hostetter, Independent Scholar

“Performing Integration: Highlander Folk School’s Program for Peaceful School Desegregation”
Laura Westhoff, University of Missouri

“War During Peacetime: Mainstream Theatre, Mass Media, and the 1985 Premiere of The Normal Heart
Jacob Juntunen, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

*Comment: Angela Aguayo, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

*Chair: Joseph A. Brown, SJ, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


11-12:30 SESSION TWO

Guyon Auditorium Panel: Engendering Protest: Women’s Rhetorics of Peace in the Nuclear Age

“Pearl S. Buck and Nuclear War: Reflections in Literature”
Robert Shaffer, Shippensburg University

“‘All the world’s a stage’: Women as Players at Greenham Common Peace Camp”
Prudence Moylan, Loyola University, Chicago

*Comment: Kelsy Kretschmer, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

*Chair: Natasha Zaretsky, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Museum Auditorium Panel: Peacemaking as Placemaking: European Historical Memory from the Bronze Age to the Information Age

“Memorialization of Peace through Visual Culture: the Virtues of Peace”
María Elena Díaz Jorge and Francisco A. Muñoz Muñoz, University of Granada

“A Space for Peace: Celebrating the End of War since 1648”
Martin Kalb, Northern Arizona University


*Comment: Kevin J. Callahan, University of Saint Joseph

*Chair: Theodore R. Weeks, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


12:30-2:30 Lunch, Awards Presentation, and Keynote Rotunda, Guyon Auditorium
Keynote Address open to public



Guyon Auditorium Panel: Exposures and Erasures in Collective Memory: the Limits of Art in Promoting Post-Conflict Justice

“Forging an Uneasy Peace: Active National Forgetting and Sexual Violence in Poland During and After the Second World War”
Meghann Pytka, Northwestern University

“The Mystique of Historical Memory: A Peruvian Arts-Based Model for Peacebuilding”
Kristin Sekerci, American University

“Remembering Violence, Promoting Peace: How public art and memorials to violent conflict can perpetuate violence or encourage peace”
Shelley Clay-Robison, University of Baltimore and Matthew Clay-Robison, York College of Pennsylvania

*Comment: Virginia Williams, Winthrop University

*Chair: James Podesva, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Museum Auditorium Panel: Mobilizing Creativity: Performance as Community-Building and Justice Work in Contemporary Peace Movements

“Compassion and Mask-Making: Putting a Face on Carbondale’s Community”
Diana Brawley Sussman, Carbondale Public Library and Betsy Herman, Independent Scholar

“Art, Activism, and Democracy: Wochen Klausur’s Social Interventions”
Elizabeth Hawley, Graduate Center, City University of New York

“Breaking the Silence: Repairing the Collective Unconscious in Fermin Cabal’s Tejas Verdes”
Rebecca Worley, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale


*Comment: Nathan Stucky, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

*Chair: Ron Naversen, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


480 Morris Library Panel: Artful Interventions: Politics, Culture, and Peacemaking in Africa, 1966-2013

“Teaching, Advocacy and Protest: Civil Society Performances for Peace in Ghana, 1966--2012”
Baba Jallow, Creighton University

“Sokari Douglas Camp’s Living Memorial to Ken Saro-Wiwa: Remembering an Activist through a Vehicle for Change”
Sarah Muenster-Blakley, University of St. Thomas

*Comment: Getahun Benti, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

*Chair: Olusegun Ojewuyi, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

4:30-5:30 Book Signing, Wine and Cheese Old Main Lounge
 Open to the public

5:30-7 Banquet Old Main Room

7:30 Performance of Ragtime, McLeod Theater

10 p.m. After hours gathering


Saturday, October 26

8-9 a.m. Continental Breakfast Museum Rotunda


Museum Auditorium Panel: Mapping Hemispheric Resistance: Challenging US Hegemony in the Americas, 1965-2013

“‘Knowledge has no national character’: Canadian Culture and American Men during the Vietnam Conflict”
Donald W. Maxwell, Indiana State University

“Militarism and Its Discontents: Neoliberalism, Repression, and Resistance in
Twenty-First Century U.S.-Latin American Relations”
Virginia Williams & Jennifer Disney, Winthrop University

*Comment: J. P. Reed, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

*Chair: Jonathan Hill, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Faner 1326 Panel: The Art of Peace: Creation, Appropriation, and Interpretation of Peace-Themed Artworks

“The Civic Nature of Murals: Carols Hernandez Chavez’s Work as Example”
Tisa M. Anders, Founder and CEO of Writing the World

“The Elusive Face of Peace in Public Monuments and Art”
Deborah Buffton, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

*Comment: Stacey Sloboda, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

**Chair: Christina Bearden-White, University of Southern Indiana

Faner 1230 Panel: Art, Activism, and Expansive Visions of Peace in the 1930s
“Women’s Rights at the 1936 Inter-American Conference for the Maintenance of Peace”
Christy Snider, Berry College

“’He asked many Lefties and not one had heard of Virginia Woolf’s Three Guineas:’ A 1938 novel and U.S. Feminist Nonviolence in the 1970s”
R.L. Updegrove, Northern Arizona University

“Peace, Protest, and Civil Liberties: The Theatre Union’s 1934 Production of Albert Maltz’s Peace on Earth
Anne Fletcher, Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Cheryl Black, University of Missouri

*Comment: Scott Irelan, Youngstown State University

**Chair: Robbie Lieberman, Kennesaw State University

10:45-12:15 SESSION FIVE

Museum Auditorium Panel: Crafting, Fashioning, and Self-Fashioning: Creative Processes as Peacemaking Discourse

“Riders on the Storm: Counterculture Hitchhiking as a Performance of Peace”
Jack Reid, Northern Arizona University

“Flag-Themed Clothing as Peace and Protest”
Laura Kidd, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

“Women, Art, and Peace: A Quest for Social Justice”
Anastasia Pratt, Empire State College

*Comment: David Cochran, John A. Logan College

*Chair: Elyse Pineau , Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Faner 1326 Panel: Representation and Agency in the Global Public Sphere, 1989-2013

“‘Love is Strong as Death’: the Moral Voice of the Families of the Disappeared in Kashmir”
Subh Mathur, Independent Scholar

“Peace Movements: Petition, Protest, and the Public Sphere”
Versha J. Anderson, Arizona State University

*Comment: Sarah Lewison, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

*Chair: Peter Lemish, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Faner 1230 Panel: Waging War and Staging Peace: Peace Activists and Popular Audiences during the World Wars

“‘Dissenters from the religion of patriotism:’ California Pacifists Staging the World War I Era Religion of Pacifism”
Kathleen A. Brown, St. Edward’s University

“Aroused by Anguish”: World War I Feminist Peace Activism and Popular Audiences
Maria Beach, Oklahoma State University


*Comment: Wendy Chmielewski, Swarthmore College

*Chair: Scott Bennett, Georgian Court University


12:30-2:30 Lunch and Membership meeting Museum Rotunda and Aud.

3 p.m. Area tour--wine trail, hiking in Giant City, Makanda, etc.
Questions or comments to the web editor.